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While looking at other's information about their costumes, we realized that most people do their costumes in a weekend. Which is far from what we do. We plan at least a year in advance what we're going to wear to each convention we plan on going. That way we have tons of time to find the fabric on sale.

Here you will find the costumes we are working on at the moment and the conventions we plan to attend. If you are attending any of these conventions and see us, please come and say hi, we love to meet new people!

Work in progress :

CostumeOrigin% Complete
ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess15%
LinkThe Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess0%
Mascotte Kéro-chan et SuppiCard Captor Sakura10%
School UniformKingdom Hearts II95%
2 Quiddich teamsHarry Potter40%
AstridHow to train a Dragon20%
Butterfly dressOriginal85%
Tardis dressDoctor Who Original40%
Steampunk crewOriginal0%

Planning 2012 :

- Arisia
- G-Anime
- Costume-Con
- Animenorth
- ConBravo!
- Otakuthon

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