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Hi ! And Welcome to our world ! We are two cosplayers and we created this site to show our creations. We love to cosplay and it shows. You will find on this site, news of our costumes in progress, our finished costumes, personal information, our future plans on cosplay and the conventions we intend to attend. This site is supposed to be updated often enough ^_^ !

One year later / 2009 March 20 - By Cats_luna


Ok were not nice and we don't give any news. One update per year is not enough, and we know it. With the new international convention of this year we surpass ourselves, again. But for our defense we made tons on new costumes and we're working on tutorials ( that will go out in two year if everything goes well).

P.S. : WildRose sais thank you for you patience !

Mega Update / 2008 April 21 - By Cats_luna

Yeah new pages online
We finally find the time for update your web pages. New costumes is now online. Quickly, I add more new if I have the time before AnimeNorth.

Update / 2007 november 14 - By Cats_luna

The english site is now open !
Yeah ! Finally. After many long months of work, we now have our english website. We add other stock, comming soon.

I promised to pratice my english for make a better new -_-

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